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Discover How to Experience the Inner Peace of Meditation & Oneness

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ACCESS POINTS - The Modern Life Meditation Plan

Awakening To Your True-OneSelf

Imagine being able to connect to the most profound inner-peace and stillness of the meditative state like the greatest sages and zen masters of all time - anywhere, anytime, in under 2 minutes.  

How would it feel to be free of overwhelming negative emotions like sadness, fear, doubt, self-loathing, guilt, and depression?   

You’re on a journey.  You’ve read books. Watch videos. Listen to podcast.  Maybe you’ve tried meditation and done yoga.  You’ve gained insights and had realizations of Oneness and happiness, yet overtime it fades away.  Meditation is the answer...but the ancient practices just don’t match up with today’s busy lifestyles.

Distilled from the ancient wisdoms of Meditation, Self-Inquiry, and Zen, ACCESS POINTS is a step-by-step, easy to apply system that works.  Brian systematically shows you how to shift “out of your mind” and connect to Oneness - living a life of greater joy, passion and happiness as the greatest expression of you.  

Learn how in my 8 week program.



by Brian Marc Zimberg

Stop Smile Breathe Be

A modern guide to spiritual awakening written to match the high-speed, on-demand lives we live today, Brian Marc shares essential teachings from his revolutionary program Access Points -The Modern Life Meditation Plan.  “It is our attention stuck in our mind, identified with our thoughts and perspective, that creates all of life’s suffering.”  By learning to recognize the survival patterns of the mind and utilizing the #1 Access Point SSBB, you connect to the peace and balance which is always present...the YOU which is infinitely plugged into the Divine.  As we continue to do SSBB and apply the lessons in this book a few minutes a day, life becomes meditation.  You will live a life of greater harmony, happiness, and certainty.  Relationships improve, creativity abounds, and stress fades away.



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Sign up to get weekly support, our latest videos and exclusive earlybird access to upcoming LIVE online seminars.

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