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How to Connect to Your True-Oneself vs. Higher Self

Hi, welcome everyone. It's Brian Marc Zimberg, number one best-selling author of “Stop Smile Breathe Be” and creator of “Access Points - The Modern-Life Meditation Plan”. In today's video, I want to take a look at a spiritual concept that is often misunderstood and gets in our way to our real personal transformation and spiritual evolution and that's this idea of our Higher Self. So often our Higher Self is what people think of is something that's our better self, our soul self and the issue with that is I really think it's time for us to reframe that and take a look at what is our True-OneSelf. In this video I want you to have a palpable shift in this understanding.


Often our misconceptions and our ideas of our Higher Self get in the way of our own growth. So, the idea your Higher Self is this separation right away, you see, it's this idea of higher and lower. Right? There's this Higher Self that is the better you and there's this Lower Self which is the not good you, or that more human you, and there's the Higher Self which is the so you. So, what that does right away is it says that there's this better you over here and lesser you over here. This idea of higher and lower automatically has this existing and focused our intention stuck in this world of separation.


Now, if you listen to some of my other stuff you know that when we are in our mind we're automatically in separation. When we're existing in separation, we are in the fear of survival. When we're separate, we are something that can be destroyed.  So existing in separation with this idea of Higher Self is already putting ourselves into an identified fearful representation of who we are as supposed to being in alignment with our True-OneSelf.


Now, what is our True One-self? Our True-OneSelf is that which is already whole. That which is One with everything. You've had that experience out in nature. Remember a moment in nature, we looked out at some beautiful Vista, some an inspiring scene, some beautiful sunset or sunrise. For me, it’s coming around that PCH highway and you see this awe. You know, just these moments we have and in that moment you're one with everything. You're there. You're not there. Everything's okay. Everything's whole. That moment of Oneness is here right now. It's actually here in every moment. And the only reason we think that nature can only be experienced out in nature is because we identify that experience as something outside of ourselves. Or, if we're on a spiritual journey maybe you have epiphanies or realizations and in those moments you have glimpses into that Oneness and that experience. The truth is that moment is here right now. So we need to learn how can we align ourselves with our True-OneSelf, that which is already whole.


The truth is you are already One. You are already whole. You're already connected with everything in this moment. And there's only our tension stuck in our minds, in our individual perspective, in the world of separation, that keeps us in a struggle. That keeps us suffering. That doesn't allow us to be at peace. When we align with our True-OneSelf we start to have clarity. And that clarity, the choices that we make in life, every little moment we're making these choices, and when they're made in alignment with Oneness…Right? Oneness first. God first. Oneness first. Our attention is with Oneness first, not in the world of separation, but in the beautiful endless soul that you are, that is one now. When our attention is there, our choices and our alignment rise from there.  And in that, we start to live life in a fluid flow, or incongruent with what is already whole and at peace.


When we're in this idea of Higher Self, we have this judgment mind, you see. Again, Higher Self is based on this idea better. So, my Higher Self is more godlike, my Higher-self really takes on the role of our self-conscious which is like our parent's voice and the teacher's voice and what those society and world has told you is right and wrong. So now you're existing in this voice which has an endless way of beating the heck out of you. Right? 


There's a voice inside of you that knows how to get you and put you down. And tell you what you're doing is wrong. And tell you what you should be doing is better. And that voice is endlessly on top of You. It's intelligent for you to assume that this voice that can beat you up will never go away. And what I'm saying to you is - when we tie into this idea of Higher Self, although it can be a good idea for kind of walking on the line of looking how we are doing in life, we're constantly judging ourselves. And when we live in the world of judgment, we're beating ourselves up.


So what happens when we free ourselves to live in the world of acceptance and awareness? Instead of being in the judgment and the critiquing mind, which is often what our Higher Self is, we shift to a perspective of Oneness.  And from that Oneness, we shift to just simple sense of Awareness. An Awareness that is acceptance, is that which already is whole and accepts everything as it is now.  That's the great allowing of life. That's a great opening and the Openness opens your heart to the moment. Instead of you trying to be good and live in the moment - you allow, you let go. And you end up living open to the moment, receiving the moment. And there's space then for good to come and bad to come arising and falling in your True-OneSelf.


So, how do we connect to our True-OneSelf? Well, one of the greatest questions we begin to ask ourselves is “Who am I?”. You see, it's a question that we can always ask and never really get an answer to if we don't land on a thought or a concept.


See, who you are, you are not your thoughts. You're not your body. You're not your emotions. You're not your feelings. Take that in for a moment.  If it comes and it goes, thoughts come and go, then it's not really the core you, it's not your True-OneSelf.  Your True-OneSelf is always present. It doesn't come and go.  It includes that which comes and goes, but it's always here and present. Therefore, it's always reliable.


So I want to leave you in this video with that which is completely reliable and trustworthy. If at your core you find yourself to already be whole, then you're already there. You're already whole and complete. You're already fulfilled. You see, it's the simplicity and the beauty of simply being and allowing.


From the space, we flower into a greater transformation of consciousness. You're not your thoughts. You're not your body. You're not your feelings. Those are part of you,  but they come and go. And the truth of who you are – you are CoreSelf. 


When we exist in the space of allowing, we come from our Core True-OneSelf. That was just, IS the baseline, the absolute and is already whole. We don't come from this idea of better any longer, or more, or right and wrong.


The minute we step out of the whole world of separation…You see, I often teach it. Meditation, which is really enlightenment, is really our attention stuck in our mind. Right? Which creates separation, which equals suffering. So the moment you're willing to allow your thoughts to come and go - you're willing to allow your emotions to come and go, you're willing to recognize that your body is temporary in its way it is and even how it looks throughout your life. And you recognize this space that holds everything, then you recognize your True-OneSelf is always here. Your True-OneSelf is always present. Oneness is already here and whole. Instead of trying to be better and judge ourselves for the Higher Self and LowerSelf and being caught in the world of judgment, we start to exist in simply allowing and awareness. So I want to share with you two ways to start focusing on how you can kind of just enter that space that you're already in. See that's the joke. You can't really enter the space that you're already in because you're already there and what we'll be doing throughout the show is looking all the ways in which keep pretending that we're not our True-OneSelf.


So, for now, I want to talk about the witness. The witness is this perspective that is seeing you. Let's say there's a camera over there and it's watching us, okay? You're watching me right now and you can notice this third perspective that's watching you watching me. You get that? Pretend like there's a camera videoing you watching me right now. You're listening to this or you're in your car. Pretend there's a camera as you're driving that car or doing whatever you're doing and that camera is shooting you from over there. Right? So, it's an angle over here. So that witness perspective, I want you for a moment to move your attention to that witness perspective. It seemed difficult and all that, but I promise you it's not, you just go ahead. So for a moment just notice this perspective that's easy from here. It's crazy, but you'll notice it takes nothing for you to notice this perspective. Why? Because that's what is the perspective of Awareness itself. And who you are at your core is Awareness. 


Notice this witness that just sees what is, without a problem, without judgment, just sees what is always present, always here. Throughout the day start to just notice that perspective. It's like stepping out of your mind and all this chaos and all the noise, for a moment just noticing this. Without changing anything or without getting rid of anything, just noticing this perspective.So by noticing this witness perspective we just start noticing Awareness itself. An Awareness has no separation. Awareness is your True-OneSelf. See this is the beauty - simply Being. 


Another way to recognize our OneSelf in any moment is that you just notice “I am”. Believe, I talked about this in one of our earlier videos, but today three times notice the witness and also today three times just notice that You Are. The simple sense that you are. Thoughts come and go, so not labels about “I am”, not feelings about how you're feeling. That's okay, I don't care how you’re feeling. Of course, I care how you're feeling, I want you to feel great, but you know what?


Sometimes we feel good, sometimes we feel bad, sometimes we feel healthy, sometimes we feel sick. I want you to know peace at the core, your True-OneSelf.  Regardless of what is rising and falling, regardless of circumstances, regardless of emotion or thoughts. You'll notice that who you are is already free, that you're already whole. You're already beautiful, my friends. You are already at peace and we can't get to peace. This idea that we have to get somewhere, to do something, to be something, to finally be at happiness and peace is a lie.


So today just notice “Am I?”. Just notice that You Are three times. Excellent. “I Am”. In that, you'll start to feel the energy in the beauty of just being. And then that you'll notice that right now you're already One with whole. So let's drop for a little while, you know? Just give up on this idea and the concept of your Higher Self for a little while. You may have read some great books about it, it may have served you to some degree, but here I'm saying – “Hey, drop this notion for a little bit, it kind of exists a lot in this idea of higher and lower in separation and try on just recognizing the simple sense that You Are. Recognize this witness perspective and know that your True-OneSelf is that which is already whole and one with everything, it is who you really are in your core. Who am I? I Am. Notice –“I Am”.


It's been great, I'm here to serve you. If you have any questions and anything to do with spirituality, awakening, meditation, please leave some comments below, we'll be getting back to you. Pleasure always to serve you.


Until next time here's to living an awake life from your True-Oneself and into The Greatest Expression of You!




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