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How to be Free of All Problems

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Hi! I am Brian Marc Zimberg, author of Stop, Smile, Breathe, Be and creator of Access Points, the Modern Life Meditation Plan, where we show you how to shift your attention out of your mind, and connect  to the most profound inner peace of meditation, and from there awakening even deeper into your True-OneSelf,Living a life of greater joy, happiness and true self expression where you become a contribution into the world. So, welcome!

I always say I’m so glad for you to be here, because the truth is I’m here for the same reason that you are here. In today’s episode, I wanna take a look at something, a problem, that we all have to deal with and that’s...problems. Let’s take a look at problems together. What would it be for you to finally be free of all problems? Now, I’m not talking ridiculous here and I’m not saying that all problems will magically disappear. What I’m saying is, it’s possible for you to be free of problems.

Now, in Access Points, we take a look at the operating system of the mind. We take a look at the mind like it’s a computer on your head, and we say one of the main functions of this operating system is to create a problem and to solve a problem. In fact, what I’m saying to you is, your mind is always doing one or the other. It’s always creating a problem or solving a problem. So, no matter how big or how small the problem is in your life, your mind will either be fixated on creating one or solving one, and then creating another one, all to maintain its identity of being somebody and something separate. We also talk about in Access Points that  your identity, your attention’s  stuck  in your mind, being identified with your thoughts, your body, and your mind is what creates all suffering in life. Now, the truth of the matter is, when it comes to problems, we spend so much time worrying and fearful about the problem itself. We are stuck in a  problem. We have an issue going on in our lives. Right? Perhaps we don’t have money to pay our bills, or we are having issues with our loved ones, a partner, or our children are having issues at school, or I’m having a problem with my job. All different  things that we can relate to. Problems, big ones, small ones, come up  all the time. We have massive world  problems that deep within us that we’d all like to deal with. You know sometimes somebody will say to you, ‘’You think you have problems? Watch this video on this poor person who lost their leg and they learn to walk’’. You know, we are blown away by that, and maybe for a moment, we reconnect to how grateful and lucky we are, but it doesn't really change anything because we’re  in our heads, we’re  the centerpiece of our movie, and our problems are real to us.

The truth of the matter is, when you take a look at a problem, a problem is either going to be solved eventually or it’s gonna be a non-problem. It’s gonna dissipate  and go away and all the worrying, all the stress and chasing around and trying to figure out things and fixing, all the stress and anxiety in the background of  our minds about a problem ends up being a non issue. We spend so much time in the drama of our problem; we have a problem, what we gonna do about our problem, discussing with other people, stress, emotion, fear, worry, anxiety, because our circumstances, we are choosing to relate to them as a problem. All this  drama at the end, if the problem just goes away, we just wasted a lot of time, energy, emotion and stress on something that wasn’t even real because it went away. Or even eventually if we accept the fact that a solution will show itself, good or bad. If you are getting evicted from your home, it sucks! You can do everything you need to do, but eventually when the eviction is happening and at that moment you are being evicted and then what comes next will come next. No matter what, what will comes next, will come next. So, really what it comes down to, is our relationship to the circumstances. Our thoughts, our emotions, the people in it and what they are saying, what’s happening. These are all circumstances of our lives and it’s our reaction to these circumstances that creates our suffering and our struggle.

When we’re believing  in our thoughts and a separate individual to be who we are, and that we have to get somewhere or do something, defend and survive, that’s the root of all suffering. When you add to that the mind is creating a problem and trying to solve it, it’s holding us in the identity of our mind whether this problem/solution scenario. Our relationship to our circumstances is only based on that problem/solution. So we are stuck in this minimal perspective paradigm problem/solution. What I’m I gonna do about this problem? I need to find a solution. So you choose your relationship to circumstance. When we’re reacting to the circumstances, to other people, to what’s happening, to our thoughts and emotions in life, and we are just a reactive animal, not choice being happening from you making a conscious, true, clear choice but instead our past and our programming, our thoughts, our emotions all creating a reaction within us. So, we are reacting to our circumstances in the paradigm of problem/solution and we are struggling. We’re suffering. So, would it be nice, ahhhh!! to finally be free of being stuck in problems and solutions? So, how do we do it? Let’s take a look!

So, first of all, your true nature, your True-OneSelf is timeless. That, which is one with everything. Oneness, the meditative moment, truth, awakening. When you connect your True-OneSelf, the beauty of divine perfection is available. Openness, availability, clarity, always at peace. From that space, you are timeless, and in timelessness there is no problem because the problem obviously only exists in time. Right? So, from your True-OneSelf, we have a timeless experience, a space of no problem being whatsoever. Quantum physics says, you know, I’m paraphrasing basically but, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it. If there is not an observer of reality then  the floor down below that you are looking at right now wouldn’t even be there. Right? The observer  affects the reality. That being said, think about that, with your attention focussing on your problem, you are actually substantiating the reality of your problem. Right? We are making our problem even more by making our attention  in our mind, which is always creating a problem and solving it, reacting to the circumstances of our lives, and all of this  is substantiating the problem to be a reality. You can see where we get pretty stuck. So, let’s unstick! Let’s get unstuck! Let’s find a way that you can actually shift your attention out of your mind, connect to this True-OneSelf, this peace, this timelessness that is free of problem, and find a new way and a new relationship to problems in your life. Now, again, I wanna be clear, I’m not saying that you won’t have any problems or life doesn’t have problems. I’m saying that it is our relationship to this circumstances of our lives that will determine our experience of our lives. That when we are stuck in a problem/solution mentality and relating only as a separate individual not only we suffering or struggling, but life is full of anxiety and problems. To be free of that, we are going to learn how to come out of our mind and move to the timelessness.

There is a great quote by Albert Einstein which goes along the lines of ‘’A problem cannot be solved from the level of consciousness in which it was created.’’ So, if a problem cannot be solved from the level of consciousness in which it was created, we need to shift to a different level of consciousness. We need to move to a different perspective to relate to this from a whole different way. Have you ever played the game by the name Boggle? Boggle?  If you don’t know what it is there is a bunch of little cubes with different letters on it. You put them in a square thingy, shake it up and all the little cube letters fall down, then you lift it up in your little timer and you find words inside of it and someone is looking from this side, I’m looking  from that side. And what’s amazing you play this game and you get these words and then you are stuck! You can’t see anymore words. But if you all of a sudden pretend to take on the perspective from this side, where the other person is playing, a bunch of new words start to open up to you. Same thing, right? Einstein’s saying we need to find a new level of consciousness in order to deal with the problem because it cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness it was created at..

Now, what is the greatest perspective you could shift to? The greatest perspective to shift to would be one consciousness. The level of your True-OneSelf, that when you are one with everything, the timelessness, the space of no problem. When we shift to that, we are free of all problem. That’s the greatest shift we can take. How we do that is, in Access Points we teach you how to “access”. We teach these one to three minute meditations that shift your attention out of your mind and give you that hit of  meditation   and in that moment you gain connection to clarity, to oneness and to peace. It’s like you are taking a retreat from all the thoughts, the anxiety and the battle with the problem. Looking for solution, all that anxiety. You just step out of there for a moment, you release from it, you let it go for a moment and in that moment, you connect to who you really are. Your True-OneSelf. Your True-OneSelf has no problem. The thought idea of what your body mind is saying  is a problem in your life.You know what I’m saying, it’s like the sun has no problem with your problems. Your True-OneSelf has no problem with your story and the problems in it. When we step back to our True-OneSelf we are free of problems. Totally free of our problems. The more we are able to shift our attention out of our mind and experience the meditative  peace that is available on this moment  the more we can come into life with the that freshness and that clarity. So when we come back in the life in a way, you can say come back in a life, we are already in life but when we have this, our thoughts and mind are going, we can remember and shift to our True-OneSelf and from there we can recognize the movement of problem/solution, reactivity and circumstances. We can go, Hold on a minute, I choose to not buy into all these, I choose to shift out of my mind. Don’t believe your mind. We teach, for a moment, don’t believe your mind and then you have a real choice and how you choose to relate to your circumstances.

I can tell you if you take anything from this video forgetting the idea of problem, how you choose to relate to your circumstances. CHOOSE being the keyword here. You see, you have a choice on how you relate to your circumstances. And so often with the thoughts bombarding you and the emotions going and people going and circumstances going and life going and we think we are just caught up into it and reacting into it because we believe we are ME and we have to DO life. Well, now we are learning  how to reverse that here. Right? We learn to live an awake life from our True-OneSelf and we shift our True-OneSelf to where there is no time, there is no problem, we now step into the movement in our life, the dance of our lives and we have a new choice with these circumstances knowing that this problem will have a solution at some point or dissipate. We don’t have to buy into all of it hook, line and sinker, be so in it and so caught in it and just like bueeeeeeghhhh! We come back, we shift and we revitalize ourselves and great clarity comes to us and we have a choice on how we relate to our circumstances. We choose to go ‘’Oh My God!’’ or to go “oh, that’s a reaction”. I mean take a breath and let’s see what comes next. We shift to a different level of consciousness in order to deal with this problem. And instead of trying to force a solution, clarity arises, spaciousness arises when we shift to our True-OneSelf.

So, you will see some links below where we give some free trainings on different Access Points. So you could implement them  when you see yourself caught in this problem/solution paradigm. When you see yourself suffering with this problem/solution paradigm. When you see yourself caught up and your circumstances and your reactivity to others and your thoughts and your emotions and the issues of your life, you learn to finally shift out of your mind, gain a sense of total clarity. Connect to your True-OneSelf which is vibrant, whole and at peace with yourself. Imagine the clarity that comes with that. You know they always say, you will try to think of something you can’t remember, can’t remember and you are trying harder and the worse it gets! But if you heard they say like, Let go of it! Forget about it! And then usually, pops right  back up!

Most problems have a solution already attached to them, it’s just the nature of duality. Most problems will be solved or not solved like we talked about it, but they solve themselves in their own right. In other words, our engagement doesn’t have to be so fixated and the clarity of all that will come from the shift. The shift out of our minds, the shift to the meditative  moment that is now. So, you can utilize an Access Point at this moment. You can go take a walk, take a breath, you can sit and meditate or you can put on some headphones. But if you don’t have time for all that, in Access Points we show you in one to three minutes how to shift your attention out of your mind. You can do a Yoga pose, you can learn a mindfulness techniques. Whatever it is, it’s time for you to start recognizing that you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions and you are not a circumstance of your life! You are your True-Oneself and the more more you learn to shift your attention out of your mind to that, the more you are able and available for a space of love  and clarity to come into  your life. Life does not have to be a struggle, problems don’t have to dominate you. You can come to  them in a fresh new way.

Again I’m going to say this, because the mind wants to say this to you and it will say to you later, “I have problems”. I’m not saying that life doesn’t have ups and downs. It will be very intelligent for you to assume that since life has had ups and downs, no matter how awake you become, life will probably still have ups and downs. Right? There are in the circumstances of our lives, and the circumstances in our world, huge enormous problems. Clarity has to be the best way for all of us to deal with all of life’s  problems. Not from an anxious, scared and fearful ego mind mechanism. Come back to the wholeness of your own heart and any moment you will start finding a fluidity in life that allows problems and solutions to rise and fall but the center, the core of who you are, you will recognize is always ever present and  here. Always available. That which holds you in total love, in total embrace, it sees you as perfect, without problem.

So, just to review. Number 1, if you take this alone, it will be worthwhile. For you, for me and for of us. To tell you the truth, The mind is always creating a problem or solving a problem. Always! Major operating system, function of the feature of the computer on your mind, create problem, must create problem, must solve problem. Creating a problem, solving a problem….Creating a problem, solving a problem. Take a look at that alone, make a little note, write that down, take a look for the next two days, have said this in a different video in another episode, but for two days, just watch if it’s true. Is my mind always creating a problem? Always solving a problem? And you will find to your astonishment probably because  you didn't have the perspective to realize that this is going on. That holy smoking blabberer, it is always creating a problem and solving a problem. Just in the noticing that the problem/solution is always happening in the program of our mind, we start to become aware of it and as we become aware of it, we actually stop engaging so deeply in it. We start observing it from a witness perspective. From the meditative  perspective and we don’t grip in so tightly. Our fixation loosens and we find more peace.

In general, we want to  notice that a problem/solution is going on. In dealing with the problem:    A) We have to identify that the there is a problem going on. Now, what I mean by that is that if you are just caught up in a problem and there is anxiety and there is fear and there is worry and you are telling people about it and you are in your drama, yet you don’t take a moment to go, “Hold on a minute, there is this problem paradigm thing going on here”, right? I got to catch myself for a moment and go….. I’m really in all this drama, I’m really in all this solution problem paradigm, I’m reacting…..hold on…. There is a problem going on. We take a look at that first. Two) we recognize that we have a choice in our relationship to the circumstances of our lives. Now, you could choose to say…”well, I have a problem and that’s an opportunity”. Like you could reframe it in a positive light, but what we are showing you here to do is to actually shift. Using the Einstein quote as kind of like a nudge here, to look from a different level of consciousness at our problem. To shift to the highest level of consciousness which is your True-OneSelf. When we learn to shift out of our mind we  connect to our True-OneSelf and from that space, we are aware of the timeless self that we are. That has no problems, that is open, vast and clear. And from that, we move into our lives with a greater clarity and fluidity and a choice of how we treat our circumstances. We choose to remain in the equanimity of our truth, our center, our peace. We are actually are more centered in life then. We are balanced in life. We are not thrown by other people, by circumstances, by thoughts, by problems.

So, go out. Let all problems HOCUS gone! . Listen, what I want for you really is to have a new relationship to everything in your life. To really be centered and grounded in your True-OneSelf. It is possible for you to shift out of your mind and to more more be able to live an awake life. So, until next time, here is to living an awake life from your True-OneSelf and into the greatest expression of you.                                                                     

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