Are you ready for a Breakthrough of Clarity
so you can FINALLY live your life fully present in all you do?

It's time to be FREE from suffering, anxiety, unworthiness, angst & fear. 

Brian is currently offering a limited number of 30 minute private sessions each month
so you too can experience Access Points for yourself. 


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How I Can Help:

Thousands of Students Helped!

I have helped thousands of people, just like you Awaken to their True-OneSelf

21 Years Experience In The Field!

I have been helping people JUST like you get breakthroughs in their lives for the last 17 years

45 Minute Call!

No commitment, click the button below to talk for 45 minutes and let me guide you on the path to lasting peace.

Meet Brian

Brian Marc Zimberg had his first awakening experience in Joshua Tree desert in 1996. At the peak of his career, he turned away from the fame, money, and worldly success to pursue Enlightenment.

In 2002, with the guidance of his mentor, he fully stabilized in Awakening to his True-OneSelf. At his teacher's prompting, he began to guide others to Awaken to the Inner Peace and Freedom of true meditation.

Though his teaching helped thousands of people - including guiding numerous people to fully Awaken  to living inner peace- he followed his clarity and stepped away from teaching in 2006.

In the years that followed, he raised his daughter, got divorced, worked a job, remarried, and did all the things that happened WHILE FULLY AWAKE.

Others around him noticed that something about how he was living was very attractive. They began to ask how he was living Awake in life. Even with the challenges of a modern life.

By sharing with others how he lives a fully Awake Life of living inner peace, others began to wake up in their lives. This was the beginning of Access Points, a revolutionary system for Awakening to your True-OneSelf and living an Awake Life of total freedom.

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Add your details below and you'll be redirected to my calendar to schedule our call.

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