Are you wondering where happiness has gone?

Struggling with the day to day stresses of your modern life and not sure what it's all for?

I feel you - finding your calm and peace is so hard when everyone around you is on full speed ahead!
I want you to stop and ask yourself: Do you want more joy and also more peace?
Do you wish you had the space to truly show up for your family as the greatest expression of you?
Are you ready to drop the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and live centered and empowered?
Are you fed up of techniques that don't work or offer lasting peace & fulfillment?
You know this isn't a rehearsal right? This is your life and you may feel that it's out of your control but it's not.
You don't need to let this control you anymore.

I've tried lots of things to find my calm in the storm of life, to find my center when all around me was stressing me out. I spent 32 years doing every workshop & seminar, trying so many forms of meditations & therapy - all to discover that none of it really works!!

Let's be honest here,
do you have time to sit for 30 minutes twice a day in complete silence and meditate? 

Me neither.

But do you recognise the power of meditation even though it's not something that suits your crazy busy-ness?

Me too.

So I created Access Points to help me instantly achieve that same calming and focussing effect even during my busiest day. Right when I want to throw the phone across the car, or when someone at work does something and I want to scream and most especially when I want to come home to my amazing family and be in a great mood!

I created Access Points so I could consistently show up for my family, my relationships, my business, the world as the greatest expression of myself.

Goodbye Grumpy Dad!!

Let me introduce you to Access Points - this is just what you've been looking for

The 1 Minute Meditation to center you when you're about to lose your sh*t. Because we're not messing about any longer - this life is for living and we want to step up to be brilliant parents and brilliant spouses!

Hi, I'm Brian and I am here to share my methodology to enable you to finally live without the stresses of your busy life controlling you anymore - Access Points will have you firmly centered so you are able to show up wherever you want and need to, fully present and on form for those who love you and need you.

And yes, I get that it can be hard to be needed because what if you can't step up? What if you're not the person they need you to be? But you see - that right there - that questioning? That second guessing? That's your mind talking. And it's talking complete BS!


This is why Access Points is so crucial - it's your daily reassurance that you can step up, again and again no matter what kind of day you've had.

Imagine not being held back anymore by your stress and mood swings!

Imagine being able to embrace life and be the greatest expression of you!

People who practice Accessing are able to experience calm, clarity, and contentment at any time - right there in the moment. Whether standing in line at the grocery store or stuck in traffic on the freeway, they have found, as will you, that it is possible to finally be free of the worrying mind, the doubting mind, the fearful mind, the figuring-it-out mind. So when they recognise those feelings coming up for them they can instantly find relief wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

This is why ACCESS POINTS is genuinely life changing!

this is how you can consistently show up and be present for this year's holiday season.

What makes the 8 week Access Points: The Modern Life Meditation Plan truly revolutionary?

  1. Unprecedented DAILY support - No longer do you have to wait for weeks or months to go on retreat or attend a meeting. With Access Points you receive daily access to Brian for the full 8 weeks. Brian has guided many others just like you.
  2. A simple process that is done IN YOUR DAILY LIFE. Unlike the old ways of going on retreat, sitting with your eyes closed for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, doing complicated, time-consuming practices that only actually provide a BAND AID with temporary experiences of peace. In any moment, no matter what is happening, you will know exactly how to access Clarity and Inner Peace. In this way, life becomes a living meditation rather than you having to DO meditation.

Your 8 Week Training in Access Points


The Power of Attention
Your thoughts do not need to affect your mood.  You have the power within you to step out of your mind at any moment in order to separate from thoughts of less, thoughts of judgment, thoughts of frustration, thoughts of failure - you will come to see these thoughts as fleeting and this is a key concept for your training in Access Points. 

Training in Access Point: Simple B 

Revealing Clarity
You’ll learn to clearly recognize when the mind is trying to be in control - often when you find yourself "figuring it out"  or making drama with fear, doubt & shame. This awareness, this simple recognition will mean you’ll naturally shift out of your mind and start to reassert your true state, your true inner calm. It is this peace that you will be able to bring to the front within a minute once you have mastered Access Points.

Training in Access Point: SSBB- Stop Smile Breathe Be

Living in Awareness
You’ll learn about one of the common patterns that keeps people stuck in their mind: "labeling". When you discover how this pattern works and plays out in your life, you’ll be able to shift out of your mind without having to change anything about yourself or fix yourself. You will be awake in the moment.

Training in Access Point: BTT - Before the Thought


Living beyond Mind
You’ll discover in the midst of the mental noise of narration, commentary, inner battle, & comparison that you can achieve freedom from the MIND/EGO's hold of your attention; this is what puts you back in control. 

Training in Access Point: DBUM - Don't Believe Your Mind

The Doorway to the Divine
You will see how you don’t have to believe your mind’s ideas about emotions and how it’s possible to have a direct experience with emotions; to feel them and then let then go without analysing them, or translating them, or feeling any guilt for them. In this, we discover the gift that every emotion and sensation that we have tried to avoid has to offer.

Receiving Existence
Imagine if your past experiences, past trauma and past relationships no longer dictated your today. Imagine being free of those messages from the past? This is truly being present - you can be present and be true to today and this is how you can show up for your loved ones - they need this from you. 

Training in Access Points: Simple G

Conscious Living
In this module you will take what you learned in the past weeks and fully embrace living from the fullness of yourself - the clarity, wholeness, and peace that you are - in all moments of your life. We are in this group together, to share experiences each week and understand that the power of now is felt in all times of stress and frustration - that it is always just below the surface and we are reassured that we can Access it always.

Living In Joy

In this final week you will explore what it is to live with permanent Access to this feeling of calm - to be stabilized in Oneness, moving and living from the Stillness that is your True-OneSelf. At this point in the training, the inquiry of Access Points comes alive in you. No longer do you need to *do* Access Points...instead, you naturally live from your True-OneSelf, meeting every experience with clarity and peace.

Everyone has their wake up call don't they? This was mine - 

10 years ago I went through a divorce and was alone raising my daughter several days a week. I was  short-tempered with my job, business, and the stresses of caring for my 6 month old daughter. It was all draining. Yes, I knew it wasn't acceptable and I knew she deserved more. I knew then that something had to change. I had all the tools from years of training and I knew it was time to live it in all moments of my life.  So often people fall in and out of peace applying temporary techniques or  practices that give only a temporary results.  I had to live this inner peace in all aspects of my life, something that really worked in all moments.  So I create it! Accessing in daily life was the solution - I was then fully living the “shift” of daily lasting peace & happiness. Now with a thriving marriage and 3 children I live awake to access this core peace - our True-oneself!


Not only did it work for me all these years now people from all walks of life are living it too!

I am committed to sharing my ACCESSING method so you can experience this too.

Hear from some past students


Four times a year I run my Access Points Guided Program for groups of up to 30 people and it has helped so many people achieve massive transformation. 

(Full testimonial videos below.)

This fall I am running my next cohort and I'd like to invite to come and learn how using Access Points day to day will help you keep your cool and find true lasting inner peace when you need it most.

It's going to be transformational!

43 GB of information goes through your mind every day
100 years ago people didn't experience that much information in their whole Traditional meditation simply can't match up to today's busy lifestyle

Let's embrace a new kind of meditation - ACCESS POINTS!

Let's look at the AWESOME BONUSES we're including with this group program!

As valuable and powerful as Access Points is, I decided that I didn’t want to leave anything to chance.
To that end, I've decided to include bonuses that guarantee your success.


The first bonus I'm adding is one that my students LOVE. As I’ve trained people to Awaken through Access Points, I’ve found that what makes Access Points even more powerful is when every participant has DAILY access to me for any questions they may have.

If you think about it, the old way of Awakening is to travel on retreat to sit with an Awakened teacher for a few days or a week at a time. Even during that time access to the teacher is often limited. After all, how many people get to ask a teacher like Eckhart Tolle their questions daily and get personal responses? Not many.

I guarantee your success with Access Points. And to support your success, we are including what we call Access MasterSoul.

It’s like a Mastermind in that it is a coming together as one but rather than it being a meeting of minds, it is a meeting at SOUL level.

You will be amazed at how powerful this is.

With Access MasterSoul, you’ll have daily access to ask your questions of Brian. You won’t have to wait for the next live call.

This is help in the moment - you get to ask for help when you need it! Because that's the power of Access Points - learning how to access your inner calm in the moment during your busiest day before you lose it in anxiety, before the negative thoughts plague you, before you shout or shutdown.

I use a group chat app that is accessible from your computer, phone, or tablet to make MasterSoul available to you no matter where you are. Whether you are on the train, at work, in bed, or sitting on the can ask any question via text, audio, or video (and get a response from Brian) any time during the 8 weeks.


Next, we’ve chosen to also include 8 Live Meetings in Oneness. At the end of each week, as a bookend to your week of using Access Points in your daily life, you’ll be invited to join Brian for a live group meeting. 

These Meetings in Oneness are a powerful opportunity to rest in the field of Awakening. There is a coherence effect that occurs when we join together in this way. This is the space to explore & reflect on what you experienced during the last week using Access Points in your daily life.

This is powerful stuff! Even if you never speak during a meeting...even if you cannot attend live, but need to watch a recording of a Meeting in will receive the energy of the meeting which enlivens and clarifies your own Awakening.

If you are able to attend live, there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions, share your discoveries for the week, and get direct coaching. What participants find is that no matter who is asking or sharing, everyone benefits. Simply by tuning in, you will find that your own Awakening gets clearer, more effortless, and more enjoyable.

But don't worry, we know life is busy (that's why you're signing up for this program right?) so even if you cannot attend live, we are always happy to receive your questions and updates and we're keen for you to share how you're getting on, if you're struggling with anything or you're having little successes, please send them to us in the MasterSoul chat ahead of time and share those with the group during the meeting.

We will record every meeting and make them available to you in your course library so you can watch or download and listen to them any time.

You’re going to love Meetings in Oneness.
Participants find them to be reassuring, joyful, intimate, motivational and inspiring.


Next, I'm also including an invitation for you to join me for a very special live (virtual) event that I'm going to be hosting.

It is a workshop I call Freedom with Emotions.

After teaching Awakening for many years, I’ve seen that after my students learn how to shift out of their minds and rest in their True-OneSelf, this workshop is extremely powerful for helping them to stabilize in Awakening.

We’ve all heard that it is important to feel our feelings. But most people are confused about how to feel their feelings.

The answer is much simpler than you may imagine.

In this workshop you will discover for yourself how to feel your feelings in the most effortless way possible. When you know this secret, you cannot be swayed from your True-OneSelf.

Are you ready to learn how to show up as the Greatest Expression of You?

Ready to ensure you have the most rewarding, life, purpose, & relationships in every part of your life? This life & these relationships are where the joy is!
You can discover & live this joy!


8 week program
Access Points Group




DAILY MENTORSHIP with BRIAN in the Messenger MasterSoul  






DAILY MENTORSHIP with BRIAN in the Messenger MasterSoul




Don't just take my word for it - listen to these amazing testimonials from past students of Access Points.


Have you got any questions before you join?

This is a massive step for you - you're choosing to show up and be fully present in your life - this is transformational! So we get that you may have some questions before you commit.


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