Your True-OneSelf:

How to Experience the Inner Peace of Meditation & Oneness, in an instant anywhere anytime without stopping your thoughts, sitting still, or putting on headphones for 30 minutes.

Join this Transformative experience of a Lifetime as we uncover survival patterns of the mind’s operating system that keep us stuck in struggle and suffering to reveal the freedom, inner-peace, love and connection to Oneness as the core of who you really are.

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In this 90-minute Masterclass, you will…

  • Learn about Access Point's Modern Meditation - Stop Smile Breathe Be to break free of Stress, fear, sadness, anxiety, depression, self-doubt and loathing to experience the release of mindfulness meditation in any moment, anywhere - no matter what is happening - and no one will even know you are doing it.

  • How To Get Off The Wheel of chasing temporary bliss and happiness and actually live an Awake Life of abiding inner peace and lasting happiness. Be a living contribution to the world and others around you..

  • Brian is known for transmitting powerful transformative awakenings and shifts “out of our mind”. His “Past to Now Moment” Exercise has you realize the infinity of Oneness - Enlightened Consciousness. Or if you're already experienced on the path of Consciousness, You will fall deeper into OneSelf. WARNING: This can create a complete and lasting paradigm shift, leading to living an awake life of permanent oneness and experiencing the world in a whole new way!

  • Core processes of Access Points - to be free from negative thoughts & easily make meditation a habit that transforms your daily life.

  • How to Stop falling out of “presence” and back into the painful struggle of separation. Learn to live self-realized in permanent Oneness - this is your True OneSelf.

  • An Absolute Acceptance of circumstances - and situations “as they are” as opposed to how our thoughts say “they should be”; resulting in profound alignment with self-love, self-worth and wholeness.

  • and much, much, more!

About Brian


Brian Marc Zimberg, is an inspirational speaker and best-selling author of Stop-Smile-Breathe-Be. He is the executive producer and star of the online show Awake Life, offering keen insights into an ever deeper awakening to your “True-OneSelf” and living life as the greatest expression of YOU! In this Masterclass, he will demonstrate the life changing transformation that’s possible with his revolutionary, approach to modern meditation.

"Thank you so much for your help, Brian."

"It is only a little shift in attention from being aware of things, thoughts, and stores to being aware of Oneness"

Julie H. NYC, New York

"I've never seen a technique as simple and effective as Stop Smile Breathe Be."

"Access Points trained me to non longer believe the self-destructive thoughts and habits that have been haunting me for years."

Manuela M. - Rio De Janerio, Brazil

"Being at the seminar was wonderful."

"Since being with you, I have let go of beating "myself" up because I did not give enough energy to being aware all day long"

Cee -Greenville, North Carolina

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Modern Meditation Training


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Brian Marc Zimberg is #1 best selling authors and has changed the lives of 1,000’s with the Access Points processes and Modern Meditations. Now you get to experience the same methods completely free, online during this masterclass.


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